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About enebular

enebular is a comprehensive development and operation service that supports the creation of IoT products and services.The enebular name combines the words enable: “to make a system or device operational; activate” and nebular: from Latin for “cloud, fog” and also invokes the night sky and represents the idea of data and devices as numerous as the stars.

Thus the mission of enebular is to activate IoT systems by connecting an unlimited number of edge devices to the cloud, bringing distributed intelligence to reality.

Making Devices More Intelligent

Because devices can be constantly updated to make them smarter, intelligence can be deployed to the edge side, enabling collaborative distributed IoT systems which are autonomously optimized based on the results of machine learning. When devices are made intelligent, high-security becomes a reality, response is faster and transmission volume is reduced.


Unified Development

Provides a development environment with uniform tools to program for IoT, from devices through cloud, enabling users to grasp the entire system.

Non-programming Development Environment

Simplifies the updating and improving of system assets by providing an application development environment based on logic/data flow design.

A Wealth of Visualization Tools

Includes assets to display data from a variety of perspectives to accurately understand the information coming from your devices.


Includes comprehensive measures to secure everything from data to devices.

Open Development Environment

Utilize open-source assets from Node-RED, Ansible, etc. for developing.

AI Functionality

Deploy AI models to cloud, gateways and devices to create flexible intelligent systems.

Arm® Mbed™ Technology

Compatible with Arm® Mbed™ OS. Simplify development for intelligent IoT devices by securely updating firmware on microcontrollers.

Business merits

Create new revenue models

  • Implement a recurring revenue model for products that increase in intelligence
  • Create new business models using AI & analytics

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Create optimized purpose-built IoT systems through distributed intelligence
  • Lower transmission and operation costs

Shorten Time to Market

  • Simplify operation and the development of software assets including for edge devices
  • Speed-up the planning, development and operation of IoT products


  • Comprehensive security measures from data to device

Structure of enebular

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