Using enebular for Marketing

The fact that data is dispersed among various services is something that often becomes an issue in marketing. enebular allows integration of such dispersed data, and analysis of substantial user behavior as a result.


Unrestrictive Entry of Data

The data format is unrestricted. Data can come from major cloud services (Salesforce, Treasure Data, Milkcocoa, etc.), marketing tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.), social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.), or from the company’s own database. There are no restrictions on the data format, so data can be diverted without making alterations to the service currently being used.

Effective Visualization of User Behavior

enebular allows visualization of user behavior in the form of flows. For example, a user who saw an article going viral on social media, clicks into a website, and makes another click to enter into an online shop. Such behavior can be visualized in the form of a flow, and be used to conduct deeper analysis of the diffused article.

Case Example

Using Number of Clicks (Access) to a Website or Social Media Data to Visualize User Behavior and to Take Action

Major Electric Appliances Manufacturer

For this major electric appliances manufacturer, we have constructed a system by which the customer can visualize and analyze user behavior, and take actions based on the number of access (clicks) to their website and social media data. (This solution includes features customized specifically for this user).


Before implementation of enebular, analysis had been done by separate analytics services, which made cross-service (cross-tool) analysis (how many access comes in from which media, which article created the buzz that caused the access inflow, which measure had how much effect on purchases made on the online shop) unavailable.


We visualized the postings by the company, shared counts, number of access to the company’s website, and purchases made on the online shop, so that the flow could be understood instantly. We also took the same approach for correlation of various data in order to offer understanding of which measure had how much impact. The implementation also enabled the thorough process of “visualization → analysis → action”, for example, finding posters who shares articles often and contacting them.

enebular is available for use free of charge. For large-scale usage, please contact us.

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