Using enebular for IoT/M2M

IoT/M2M projects involve carrying out business plans with high uncertainty. Applying enebular to POC in IoT improves certainty by reducing cost and scheduled time period.


Flexibility in System Designing

By controlling sensor data from devices using enebular, system design can be done flexibly, without being affected by the format of sensor data.

Scalability Service

Visualizing data and data flow allows proceeding with the verification phase in full, dealing actually with massive quantity of devices and data. In such cases, we separately offer the system most suitable for controlling large quantities of devices and data (for a fee).

Real-time Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning

When proceeding further with POC verification, it becomes necessary to construct the flow for feeding back knowledge obtained from the massive quantity of data. enebular’s forte is its ability to provide streaming data processing, storage in the data lake (for a fee), and big data analysis.

Case Example

Implementation of IoT Monitoring System for Wind Turbine Business

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

In collaboration with Treasure Data Inc., U.S., we have implemented an IoT-based monitoring system for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.’s maintenance operation of wind turbines, a part of their renewable energy businesses.


If wind turbines stop functioning due to defects in the machinery, huge amount would be caused in damages. To prevent such problems from happening, numerous functions such as collecting and storing data, drawing up graphs, and notification are required. But implementing such functions individually would entail huge development and maintenance costs.


By coordinating the services specializing in their individual fields using enebular, we were able to construct the maintenance system speedily and with low cost. To be specific, we connected Treasure Data (specializing in analysis of data lake and big data) with Salesforce and Heroku (effective in managing wind turbines and their operating process, and visualizing wind turbine log data by graphs) using enebular, and worked repeatedly on prototyping which was to confirm the connected functions instantaneously.

Through operation of such small-scale POC environment for a period of less than a month, we were able to hold a clear image of deploying the system to several thousands of wind turbines, as well as to come up with an estimate of the schedule and cost for the whole project.

enebular is available for use free of charge. For large-scale usage, please contact us.

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